And for the main course…

Let's Get Cooking chicken and butternut sage risotto     After years of campaigning by our Let’s Get Cooking programme, last week saw a big milestone for cooking in secondary schools – with the publication of the final content for a new GCSE in food.

It means that from next year, young people will now have the chance to do much more practical cooking as part of their studies, learning about lots of different cooking processes in much more detail and delving into what it means to cook and eat healthily.

We’ve been calling for more practical cooking in the curriculum for a long time, and the new GCSE builds on the work of the School Food Plan to make sure all children are getting the chance to cook at school.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Linda Cregan, says: “Learning to cook is a life skill that no child should leave school without, and this GCSE is an opportunity for students wanting to roll up their sleeves, get their aprons on and really explore lots of different cooking techniques and processes. With a good emphasis on practical work, this a step on the journey to creating a nation of more confident cooks and, crucially, a nation better able to eat well.”

Read more on what we think about cooking lessons at school:


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