Why I’m an e-learning convert

I guess when you’ve trained and worked as a teacher, you never stop being interested in how we learn. Whether you learn by seeing, hearing or doing, what works for some of us definitely doesn’t work for others when it comes to understanding and knowing how to apply new information.

Jon Rayment

But one thing that most of us have in common when it comes to learning in our working lives is that we don’t have enough time for it. That’s why the opportunities offered by online and mobile technologies are so important. Sometimes, nothing compares with getting one-to-one tuition from a fantastic teacher. But when time and budget is short (or non-existent – the experience in so many workplaces in this financial climate), e-learning is a fantastic option.

The school food workforce is a great example – and by ‘workforce’, I mean everyone who has a role to play in making sure kids eat well at school: cooks and caterers, headteachers, business managers, lunchtime supervisors and governors. These are people who are so busy during term that finding time out to undertake training, let alone finding the budget to pay for staff cover and travel expenses, can feel like an impossible dream.

It’s where budget e-learning can make all the difference:

  • It saves you money
  • You can learn whenever and wherever you want, from the staff room to your sofa
  • You can break it into chunks – most courses allow you to complete a section then come back to do the next bit at a time which suits you
  • You can share useful information from the course with colleagues even more easily.

Children's Food Trust Learning Network

When I was a teacher, these options just weren’t there. For the many people I’ve met working in schools over the years, who’ve been looking for ways to learn that fit around their busy lives and dwindling budgets for staff development, the growth of e-learning might just make that impossible dream a reality.

Jon runs our new Children’s Food Trust Learning Network. Join him at next week’s LACA Conference at stand W19 to learn more and sign up.


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