Enough on your plate…


Enough on your plate…

So, how many are you spinning as a business manager?

Enough to fill your school dishwasher more than once, I’d guess – that is, if you’ve got one and it’s working ok. Because if there’s one of those plates that’s guaranteed to be a bit wobbly, I’d bet it’s your school meals service and facilities.

So many business managers tell me they’ve got concerns about parts of their service – some of you are struggling with your caterer’s management or financial planning and controls; others are finding it hard to get underneath the real costs involved for your school to ‘do’ school food better (not always as much as you might expect if you think outside the box); some of you are trying to reduce the amount of food and energy being wasted in your kitchen and dining room; others know procurement processes could be much better; others are still having sleepless nights about the finer details of your contract with your caterer.

My advice? Grab that plate and get some proper guidance on how to make it spin with ease. Because there are so many ways in which getting your school food right will make your life easier:

•    Your school will be getting more income – make the experience better for the kids, and more of them will want to eat with you
•    It’s a great advert for your school:  parents talk
•    You’ll feel more in control of the financials
•    You can cut the admin time spent on school meals
•    Your school will be more efficient – less food and fuel going to waste
•    You’ll feel confident to pass control of budgets and quality to your kitchen team
•    Lunchtime will be more organised…less supervision in the dining room means more time for other things
•    Your teachers will be teaching more focused pupils in the afternoon
•    Finally – you’ll cut the amount of litter from packed lunches

With so many plates spinning in your job – not just those in the kitchen and dining room – can you afford not to?

Jeremy heads up our team of advisors who help schools with these issues – email Jeremy. Click here to find out more about how we can help your school.


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