Why should pupils love good school food?

Kevin McHugh - 14 reasons

Catering Manager Kevin McHugh has been head chef at Towers School in Kent for seven years.  To mark the season of love in Cook for Success magazine, he’s blogging about why he thinks  pupils and parents should get the chance to fall in love with good school food. Below you’ll also find links to help you do the same…

Enjoying a well-balanced meal at midday keeps your mind alert during afternoon lessons – and here’s the research to prove it!

Great school meals should be made using the finest and freshest ingredients – have you seen the special bulk buying contracts that will help save you money on some of the most widely used school dinner ingredients? Email our children’s food advisors on info@childrensfoodtrust.org.uk to find out more.

There’s always a great choice on the menu – You can find lots of inspiration to boost your menu’s nutrient content in our Recipes for Success booklets.

School menus changes from week to week, day to day – and to help cooks make the most of seasonal ingredients and keep meals varied, we’re always sharing new recipes, menus ideas and tips on how to make sure new meals are compliant on our website

School meals are fantastic value for money – we’ve developed a free guide to helps schools make sure meals are affordable for families; you can see how it’s been working really well for schools in Bolton.

A school restaurant is a social place to eat and meet mates making improvements to the look and feel of a school canteen and dining can have a big impact on take up.

Having a school dinner can help children boost their five-a-day – have you seen our Take Two campaign which aims to encourage pupils to have at least two of their recommended fruit and veg as part of the school lunch?

Parents can rest assured knowing that their children will have a healthy well-balanced lunch if their school follows national school food standards – everything a parent needs to know can be read in our Little Book of Goodness.


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