Loving your work, Martha!

I couldn’t let the week go by without posting about NeverSeconds – the school meals blog by nine year-old Martha Payne, which has had more than a hundred thousand hits.

Martha’s pictures and ratings of her lunches at school in Scotland have got everyone talking; the national papers have been knocking and a little bird tells me she’s even got a spot on Radio 4 next week.

There have been lots of blogs about school meals in the past but this one’s really captured attention. So while we’re on the subject of pupil power, I’d love to see more pupils  sharing what they think of food at their school.

When I see schools doing a fantastic job on their food, they always have pupils heavily involved. They listen to what pupils are telling them about the menu, the dishes they love (and don’t love) how it feels to be in the dining room, what they like, what they don’t like and how they think things could be better. Some things are easy fixes; others are more difficult, but understanding where they’re coming from is half the battle.

A colleague told me about a national conference where she was lucky enough to hear a session from a pair of students from Queen Katherine School in Kendal. They talked about their experiences of helping to make lunchtimes great at their school – fascinating stuff. They had enthusiasm in bucketloads and some really sensible ideas. They were asked loads of questions and of all the presentations that day, she says it was the one that really stuck in her mind.

So Martha – keep up the good work. And if you’re looking for a job in a few years’ time, drop us a line!

Steph is our marketing specialist. She helps schools to work with pupils and to get creative with promoting school meals without spending a packet. Email Steph


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