Training up

When’s the last time you went on a really good training course?

There aren’t that many that really stick in the memory. There are those that just don’t get out of the starting blocks. Endless Powerpoint, too many stats, big folders full of presentations you’ll never read again; too little practical action that you can take away and use.

Then there are the ones where you come away feeling like you’ve got a whole list of things you’re going to do, full of inspiration and verve…..inevitably half of it’s disappeared again after a few hours back in the day job, but if nothing else it’s a reminder of what your job could be given the time, the money, the space….

We’re creating really memorable trainers at the moment – memorable in a good way! The trainers: school cooks. The hot topic? How to train. Cooks are so often asked to deliver training to other members of kitchen teams ( and who better for the job? Their technical and practical knowledge is second to none), but they’ve been telling us that they don’t feel like they have the confidence to do it well. How to pick up on the learning style that suits each person in the kitchen. How to pace it right for everyone. How to make it fun.

Because being able to train is a skill in itself – get it right and you’ll send someone away with gems of information that they’ll keep coming back to. Get it wrong and you’ve wasted a day of someone’s time and a valuable chunk of your training budget.

Catering managers are telling us that s few days spent to give a school cook strong training skills pays back a big return – you’re developing your staff, passing on their fantastic knowledge and saving on the cost of paying external trainers for years to come.

We’re running the next course soon, led by Jane, a former school cook who’s also a fantastic trainer. We promise it’ll stick in the memory – for all the right reasons!

Simon is one of our associate children’s food advisors. Email Simon.

Check out the School FEAST network for other bespoke training opportunities for school cooks.


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